Newspaper review (VOLKSFREUND) of the concert with the Philharmonic Orchestra of Trier, Germany:

The Greek singer Maria Markesini, the Klazz Brothers and the Philharmonic Orchestra of Trier provided an intense experience to the 500 audience guests at the series “World Music” of the Theater of Trier. Their stylistically diverse and brilliantly interpreted film music in their concert "Cinema Passionata" proved so popular that went well into the overtime with the audience asking them back on stage many times.
Trier: A murmur spread through the hall at the moment Maria Markesini appeared on stage. With red long hair, porcelain skin, designer clothes and shoes, she shined with fascinating extravagance. But her real stage presence is revealed at the moment she begins to sing. Then, a voice that effortlessly alternates between seemingly deep low vibrato, and coloratura high registers of the voice, then airy and breathy with gentleness, as well as infatuated with rhythmic fire or overwhelming power. All this, joined by the talent of a real performer with a sense of emotional theatrics, suspense and humor.
The music that the Klazz Brothers and the Philharmonic Orchestra of Trier under the direction of Victor Puhl performed, is perfect to support all of Maria’s expression. The chosen movie themes are for the artist -now living in the Netherlands- all of a special, personal importance.
Brought up as a child without television on the Greek island of Kefalonia, she really absorbed what was offered at the local beach cinema. Often found too young to be allowed to see some movie’s, it was just the music she heard outside the cinema theater that fired her imagination with passion and drama.
And it is exactly the flow of her interpretations today and her acting that make the songs appear like little movies. In this way, Michel Legrand's prayer-like "Papa can you hear me" from Yentl, then the operatic aria "Rolls" by Stéphane Grappelli or a tender, wistful ballad "Lost in the Stars" by Kurt Weill, all let you experience this flow . Sometimes the trained concert pianist delivers spirited deposits at the grand piano.
Mostly accompanied by Bruno Böhmer Camacho (piano), Kilian Forster (bass) and Tim Hahn (drums), that support her with a virtuosic and stylistically diverse foundation. The barrier braking group between classical music and jazz, the award-winning in both categories Klazz Brothers, pull out all registers of swinging jazz and Latin rhythms.
The last one is brilliantly performed with a song of the famous Greek composer Mimis Plessas, the exuberant "Stagona, Stagona". Whenever it is required, the Philharmonic Orchestra provides precisely and with dedication a rich spectrum of sounds, whether in the form of a romantic strings-carpet or passionate brass inserts.
The crowd is so impressed that the concert goes into a generous extension of “encores” like the Bond song "Nobody does it better" and "Moon River" that will send them home fully satisfied. ae…/Kultur-Kino-der-Leidenschaften-…