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Maria Markesini: Cinemapassionata

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Featuring: The City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra
Soloists: Thijs Cuppen, Ward Veenstra, Lene te Voortwis, Artur Lijten, Alex Simu, Sven Ratzke    
Label: Amazing Music, distributed bij Coast to Coast

The new cd will be released in October 2011. Featuring a world orchestra like the "City of Praag Philharmonic Orchestra" and a very adventurous band, Maria recorded this year her most ambitious project so far. Maria writes about the project:

Landscapes, stories from far, and unpredictable factors.

This is what this CD is all about. Every song, a world of its own. Like a film. Come with me on a journey of unexpected emotions, sometimes deep, sometimes light, sometimes on the edge... Like we all are in real life. Like films are too.

Being a cinephile, I have been totally fascinated by the power of cinema since I was a little kid. Every summer I would get lost in the magic of the open-air cinema theatres, watching my favourite movies under the stars and a full moon, the summer breeze filling the air with the smell of jasmine from the neighbourhood. That open-air theater night magic used to make all the movies ten times more exciting and thrilling to me than they really were.

I knew it right there: " Yes!! This must be the most exciting kind of art".

The song selection starts as early as the Renaissance, with "With Wand´ring Steps" ( heard in the film "The Merchant of Venice" ) and ends this year with two compositions of my own, inspired by two remarkable films, "Microcosmos", and "Amistad". Growing up on an island in the Mediterranean Sea, I learned to love every single bit of nature, like my girlfriends the bees. Full of wisdom and beauty, they are to me a micro-picture of a divine universe, which holds me in awe every day. "Amistad" on the other hand is a film with a dimension that still haunts lands and continents and many of us.This album wouldn't be complete if I didn’t pay tribute to comedy, my very favourite genre, and especially to the genius of Peter Sellers.

Armed with the great artistry of my watchman, Sebastiaan Koolhoven, a group of very adventurous musicians and a world orchestra like the "City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra", it has been a journey full of excitement, friendship and endless laughter.

I really hope you will have as much fun listening as we have had recording it.




Maria Markesini



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